Monday, 7 September 2015

A Happy Hello to All!

Good Morning, Friends, Followers and Visitors to my blog!

It’s great to see you here today, and I will be hoping on here every day now.

Life has been busy and time has seemed to disappear like a whispering wind.

But I’m back now and moving back into to the flow of my writing and creativity.

What news?

I am writing a weekly news column in a local paper, plus articles and photographs – which is quiet fab.

I am now also picking up my art again, and working on some of my own greeting card designs.

The web page will be up and online by the end of this month, and I will be starting to look for some commissions.

Along side this I am now a Parish Councillor for the village where I live, Tree Warden, Keeper of the Flag, Area Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, Village News Correspondent – so having a very busy but fun life.

I have also been learning more about energy work, and practising my meditation practice.

I’m always here though for you lovely people to help, be a sounding post or receive your comments.

Please leave me a comment or note, now and again so I now that you are real!

Sending you all Joy, Love, Peace and Happiness always your friend,

Deborah  xx :-)