Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Please Hear Me!

Back arched and twisted
Flesh bent double: contorted
He waits in silence
Dirty and unloved
Looking at each passer by.
Wondering why?
And longing to die
His hands reach out to touch your soul
As you walk by as nothings wrong
He simply wants to know your name
Feel loved and wanted just the same
But he is lost within the grime, of streets
so filthy and full of crime.
He needs love too my friend, for he was once like you.

Until fate cleft him a deftly blow.
And left him homeless years ago.
So think for this man my friend,
as this could one day be you.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Let the words come - Poem one

                                 I am an artisan, a rebel of wits.
                                 I am a traveller, an adventurer of the soul.
                                 I am a clown, a bringer of joy.
                                 I am a soul, waiting to be found.
                                           I am, I am - YOU!

                                Copyright © 2013 Deborah M. Hodgetts

              (Please do not print or photocopy poetry from this site without permission - thank you!)

In fields where we lay

In fields where we lay (Title)

Through battle lines,
a revelry of bullets
peppered the air.
Shouts, of anguish in the night. 

Voices fearful, filled with fright. 
Each of us knowing that
this could be our last.
As a bullet ripped from the carcase of a gun.
Enters our bodies one by one. 

Lights fade out, until
we are gone.
But still our memories
linger on.
For in a field
standing proud, poppies
tall and bold.
As blood red, reminders
of the lives that were shed.

Each lovingly remembering as each, nods its head.

Copyright ©2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 
(Please do not print or photocopy poetry from this site without permission please - thank you!)

Our Boys.

Bodies slumped in delirium. 
Beautiful, fragile brave young men.
Yesterday a farm hand,
ploughing in the field.
Lives lost in war now.
No more, what they were then.

Compassion in their hearts, 
fighting for the cause.
Giving us their lives.
What more was their love for?

Copyright ©2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 
(Please do not print or photocopy poetry from this blog without permission - thank you!)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Thank You!!

Hello Followers, Friends and visitors!

I will be posting some new poems this week coming.

Well, I have been very busy over the last few months.......

I have attended The London Screen Writers Festival, where I pitched a Black Comedy Script and a Children's Drama that I have written. Both received interest from two agents, a Producer Director and a Production Company. So great excitement and abundant joy!

I have also had four of my new War Poems in  'The Great War Exhibition'. Very overwhelmed as they sat alongside Siegfried Sassoons and Wilfred Owens Poems. Wow!
During the Remembrance weekend I read one of my War Poems, stunning the audience with the power of words! But I also received beautiful comments and thanks for the poem.

At present I am busily moving forward with my Young Adult novel, and getting ready to submit this to the Agents and Publisher. I'll keep you all posted on the progression, and let you all know once it is out in the bookshops.

As you can see life has been hectic, but I'm loving every second of it!

Look out for the new poems this coming week and let me have your comments please.

I love to hear your thoughts, it really warms my heart and makes me feel less lonely.

Sending you all my heartfelt gratitude and thanks!

Deborah Hodgetts xx

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dark days

Dark days

On those dark barren sands. 

Waves beating on breakers.
Cast out by a raging sea.
Seagulls dip: plundering 
natures fare.

Pebbles lacing along the shore,

like polished jewels.
Golden sandcastles melt away.
Distant memories,
of our happy yesterday.

A fog: laden horizon.
As a flickering lighthouse, 

attempts to warn ships
along the bay.

The faint smell of fish and chips,

fragrances the air.
Reminding us of what fun we

had there.
As slowly, the rain
washes away.
All memories we shared on that bright

Summers’ day.

 Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts
"All rights reserved"
( Please seek permission before photocopying or printing please)

Thursday, 18 September 2014


What is a child but borne of love?
A fragment of your heart, a voice that brings new life.
From sadness, to blissful joy.
This blessing of a girl or boy.
That lights the corners of the night.
And fills your garden full of blooms.
Whose simple beauty you adore.
And to you their love, is very pure.
Whose smiles chase darkened skies away.
You love them more, each passing day.

Copyright Deborah M. Hodgetts 2014


To gain peace, we must release
all negativity.
And allow the simple positivity,
to flood into every pore of our being.
Believe and trust,
then you'll soon see.
With sweet positivity,
a new life they'll be.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts
"All rights reserved"
( Please seek permission before photocopying or printing please)

Monday, 4 August 2014

In Remembrance of Love

White lilies draped,
on wooden boxes of despair.
Eyes solemn cast: to the earth.
As we remember those we love.
Tears too many,
shroud fragile forms.
Shattered and empty.
As petals fall, like
peaceful snow.
We remember our love:
whole long ago.
Sweetly rest and heaven blest.
Safely home.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 
"All rights reserved"
(Please do not print or photocopy poetry from this site with out permission - thank you!)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A great big hug from me to you!

Hi Followers and Visitors of The Beautiful Music of Words!

As promised I will be adding new work this week.

My poetry cards, will be available for sale at the beginning of August.

If you would like to purchase these cards, please drop me a quick email with your contact details.

I will be posting an image of the cards here next week - so watch this space!

Poetry Card Titles as follows:

The Robot Wife (Illustrated poem) - Available August 2014 at £2.50 per card.
I Love You! (Illustrated poem)        - Available August 2014 at £2.50 per card.
The Angel of Geary Lane ( Illustrated poem)  - Available September 2014 at £2.50 per card.
Valentine: Heart ( Illustrated poem)                 - Available September 2014 at£2.50 per card.
The Kiss ( Illustrated poem)                             - Available September 2014 at £2.50 per card.

I also hope to publish three poetry Christmas cards, which I hope will be available from November 2014.

At present I am busily writing more poetry, and working hard to complete one of my children's books.

Updates re: competition Enteries

Well, sadly I was not shortlisted for Poetry London this time - so I'll try again next year.

I hope to be able to update you all soon, regarding The Mslexia Pamphlet Competition or The Bridport Poetry Prize.

That's all the updates for know, but I will be back soon to keep you all posted.

Enjoy the sun and pull up a chair!

I hope that you are sitting comfortably get ready to read ...........

Happiness, smiles and gratitude to you all!

Best wishes,
Deborah Hodgetts  x

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mother: Pride

I planted you in my heart.
Long days of gentle nurture
Lovingly sowing love into every molecule of your being 

Speaking to you, as you grow within
Dreaming about your future and all you can be.

Feeling your strength, as you change my form.
Deep emotions growing
As soon our journey is to begin
And at last you are here.
And I your mother am very proud
To shout how I love you very loud!

Copyright ©  2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Changing Places

Switched: divided at birth.
Our identities erased by thoughtless actions.
We were meant to be together, but the nurse
in her haste, slipped the name tag on the
wrong toe.
I saw my mothers sweet face, for but a second.
Time to short for her to realise, that I
had been misplaced.
You were joined; by a stranger who grew by
your side.
I no longer a double act but a solitary, twinkling
light, lost feeling cold and half whole.
Destined to be alone.
We are not strangers,
but are linked by an invisible cord, that
our eyes cannot see.
I look for you daily, hoping that
each passing stranger may be you.
That’s why I will not stop my quest.
Until our hearts, are in united rest.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

(Please do not photocopy or copy this poem with out permission – Thank You!)

Thursday, 24 April 2014


   Amazing you,
   Remarkable in all you do.

  Copyright ©2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

"All rights reserved"

  ( Please seek permission before photocopying or printing please)