Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Self Belief

Self Belief

I'm travelling down paths of discord.
Fearful, lonely and ignored.
They who's trust I thought I'd found.
Ignorant, lost, belligerent and blind.
Can they not see the blood that flows?
From the knives, that rip into my soul.
Mistrust the seeds they have sown.
Through countless lies spoken in undertones.
Their faces tell too many lies of things supposed, by me not them.
For I am but my only friend,
And I will not fear, for I feel freedoms hand.
And I know this journey is at its end.
For, I am but my only friend.

Copyright ©2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts

Working girl/ earth Angel receives fatal blast!

The working girl is me, it seems blasted again!
Or could it be that fate is holding my hand and guiding me to pleasant shores.
I'm looking with excitement at my new found freedom and now embrace it with joyful gratitude.
Today my full time contract ends early by a month, a tad early than planned.
In a state of shock, bashed but not depleted I look to the future with hope.

If your looking for an out of work Angel - look no further you are lucky to have found me!

Please place your request here, and make a wish and there I'll be right beside you.

Waiting in hopeful gratitude for a new heavenly assignment here on earth.

Your loving Happy Angel xxxxx

More to follow here shortly..................

Copyright D.M. Hodgetts 2014

Monday, 13 January 2014

Please have a little…………

Please have a little…………


For your fellow man!

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

Least, we forget.

Least, we forget.

Least, we forget
Our glorious: dead.
As they lay: in icy bed.
Least, we forget
The sun: upon their face.
The toil of their labours, to
save the human race.
Least, we forget
We that are left are humbled
by the lives they led.
Least we forget
The blood that was shed.
As we rest in our homestead.

Copyright © D. M. Hodgetts 2014