Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm so excited........

 I have great news for all of my lovely followers, friends and visitors.
 My first ebook has been published today. I am so excited!
 To purchase your copy please pop to
 The title is called : Applause now please!

 News and stuff :

 Well, I'm plodding on with my Young Adult novel, and I am glad to say I can start to see a light flickering on the horizon.

 Other excitement has been going to watch my beautiful daughter, perform at a Young Voices Concert at the NEC in Birmingham - truly amazing!
 Incredible considering she is only nine years old, and was part of a 5,500 strong choir, pop stars and a packed arena.
 A very proud moment for myself and my husband.

 So even though it's the start of a new year, and lots is happening. I cannot wait for new adventures to explode in my life.

 Universe I'm ready, and I cannot wait to share happiness with everyone here, and in the world!

Sending you all happiness, love, joy, peace, abundance and gratitude in all you seek for your life.

Be happy!

Deborah H x