Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Only Home I Know

Dusty doorways, hid from view.
Sheltering under starry skies.
Wrapped in thrown out blankets,
found in the trash.
Looking in dustbins, for scraps of food
This is far from the life I led.

Far from the opulent heady days
Those days, when a warm bed
 and being fed were over-rated and understated.
When mass media was my daily bread.
But here I am now destitute, past refute 
Rebutted and undone.

Nights of abuse, misused by lost youth
Frozen most nights, fearful thoughts
Longing for the great life I once led.

And I watch each passing stranger.
Hoping that one will be my saviour
Lifting me from daily danger.
Giving, me a chance to sleep
And return to the life I once led 
Happily sleeping in a nice warm bed.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Greetings to all ...


To all you gorgeous people, followers and friends, old and new visiting my page.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Well, it has been sometime, since my last trip here to my page.

I have not been avoiding you, I have been merely lying waiting and watching the world.

In this time I have been crafting a fourth book, which I am still drawing in its breath.

In a few weeks time I will be releasing two poetry collections, and in early 2017 I will release the Young Adult novel and the biography, that I have also written this year.

Amidst writing all four books this year, I have had poetry published in Stray Branch, which is now available on Amazon.

It has been a busy year and some of the journey although bumpy at times, has been a transformative time for us all in the wider world.

I am now glad to announce that I will be returning to the love that is my poetry once more - as I feel that my muse has been left too long waiting.

So it is on that note, that I have added some new poetry.

I hope that you will enjoy these new offerings - please leave me a comment so I know you're really out there in the world and alive...

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and resplendent New Year!

Deborah X

No Reason

Speak to me, with eyes
wetted with tears.
Emotions hidden, amidst
tinder’s of a burnt out shell.

Devoid - of - reason.

Hope circles, like a coin spinning.
Dusty reminders, of happier
carefree days.
Silence draped on bones, once
strong and magnificent.
Now just a fragment
of yesterday.

Copyright ©2016 Deborah M. Hodgetts

My Country

This place I call home -
My country, and my pride.
Resplendent towers, of 
white once stood.
Now we are washed in
fragmented history,
a fraction of what we have been.

The thud of bombs, 
these once peaceful streets.
Dead lay buried.
Souls cry out in sleep,
so deep.
Breath taken - with no remorse.


We are people!
Our children's dreams,
white washed by the
power crazed.
Our hope is peace.
Just the simple - remnants of PEACE!

Copyright ©2016 Deborah M. Hodgetts