Monday, 30 April 2018

The Weaver

Each thread taught
Wound and bound
Intertwined and woven.
Like webs of silken
Splendour, spun silently
In hands so tender.

Her breath rasps
Slow, as row on row
This vision of beauty
Starts to flow
The loom lags long
In dark seclusion
Her hands so red, and swollen
Bruised and broken
On arms that hang
As heavy as lead

Beautiful silks
Spun gold and flowing
Sold for morethan 
She is fed
While you adorned
In silken splendour
She lies now to
Weave no more.
Amongst the dead.

Copyright©2015 Deborah M. Hodgetts

The Only Home I know

Dusty doorways, hid from view.
Sheltering under starry skies.
Wrapped in thrown out blankets,
found in the trash.
Looking in dustbins, for scraps of food
This is far from the life I led.
Far from the opulent heady days
Those days when a warm bed
and being fed, were overrated and understated.
When mass media was my daily bread.
But here I am know destitute, past refute
Rebutted and undone.
Nights of abuse, misused by lost youth
Frozen most nights, fearful thoughts
Longing for the great life I once led.
And I watch each passing stranger.
Hoping that one will be my saviour
Lifting me from daily danger.
Giving me a chance to sleep
And return to the life I once led
Happily sleeping in a nice warm bed.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts

No Reason

No Reason

Speak to me, with eyes
wetted with tears.
Emotions hidden, amidst
tinder’s of a burnt out shell.

Devoid - of - reason.

Hope circles, like a coin spinning.
Dusty reminders, of happier
carefree days.
Silence draped on bones, once
strong and magnificent.
Now just a fragment
of yesterday.

Copyright©2016 Deborah M. Hodgetts

Thursday, 26 April 2018

I'm back...

Dear Friends, visitors and followers,

I am truly grateful to YOU, for stopping by my page TODAY!

Please keep popping by, to read new poetry, stories and updates on my writers journey.

I am also going to be promoting new books, and a few links to my author friends.

Plus I will be adding links, to my other little hiding places.

Quotes by Deborah M. Hodgetts to inspire and uplift:

"Life is a miracle, breathe and LIVE!"


Sending you all love, happiness, magic and joy...

Deborah :) xx

The Curtain Twitchers of Oakley Place by Deborah Hodgetts



Turn the screw,
and then the key.

Fate has cast
her doubt, against me.

Tossed deep into
the mire below.

Left to flail ‘till
life lets go.

Torn to shreds
by blooded nail.

Dragged doggedly,
along this trail.

Through frozen ice,
and biting rain.

Chilled deep within,
this swollen frame.

‘Till I can travel
on no more.

Until the snows
begin to thaw.

When life is easier
than this pain.

I’ll hold my head,
and know my name.

Copyright © 2015 Deborah M. Hodgetts