Friday, 1 July 2016

In Fields Where We Lay

Today we remember all those soldiers, who gave their lives at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.
We will remember each one with love, honour and respect.
I am grateful for your bravery, such love for your fellow man.

Remember me, for I am but a star shining on the path before you.

The poem below is my tribute; to all those who fell at the Battle of the Somme and World War 1.

In fields where we lay

Through battle lines,
a revelry of bullets
peppered the air.
Shouts, of anguish in the night.
Voices fearful, filled with fright.
Each of us knowing that
this could be our last.
As a bullet ripped from the
carcase of a gun.
Enters our bodies one by one.
Lights fade out, until
we are gone.
But still our memories
linger on.
For in a field
standing proud, poppies
tall and bold.
As blood red, reminders
of the lives that were shed.
Each lovingly remembering
as each, nods its head.

Copyright ©2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts