Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hanging my knickers out to dry!

It's me again, lighting up the world with words.

Funny title I hear you say....

I've suddenly acquired this fine lust for life, and I am now throwing off the grey clouds of sadness.

Feeling some, what at one with the world and on fire with life.

 I'm hanging my knickers out to dry on the washing line of happiness.

My thinking is that if they get chance to flap in the breeze a wee while, maybe I'll at least catch someone's eye.

And so what if my arse is bare, and beautiful at least I've stuck it out there!

Let me know though if the mere sight of my rump, ends up giving you the hump.

I'll catch you soon on the flappy.......whoops! 

                                                                      Happy side of life :-) x

Deborah xxx