Saturday, 2 March 2013

This is me - spoke from the heart.

This is me spoke from the heart (Title)

Life - this life.
My life, your life is a divine journey.
Full of hopes, and hidden dreams.
Most of us walk around with eyes firmly shut, closed down like shutters of the stores dying and being abandoned in our ravaged streets.
For many life is a pit of spiraling despair, and chaotic confusion.
And for the lucky few, it's a diadem of tranquility and serene calm.
The rich grow richer; but even in these stark days they too ponder the weight of their sobriety.
I surrender my self to the winds of fate like a reckless fool, jumping aboard a train erratically gathering speed.
Speeding joyously to a new dawn and an evolving new reality.
In these recent months and days my eyes have been prized open, the shutters have been cast aside.
I have started moving towards taking the wheel of my speeding train. I woke this morning feeling different, strange caught between two places the seen and unseen.
I am so blissfully grateful and filled with an awesome sense of deep gratitude and honour for all the abundance and beauty in my life.
I realise that to love your family and all mankind is not enough, deep love is more than this even more than sacrifice.
It's being blissfully grateful and truly filled with and over flowing with gratitude, for the good and bad that life brings in all its shapes and sizes.
It is only when we open our eyes and minds to our selves that we can truly start to try and understand each other, and embrace with grace the humanity of all of mankind.

Copyright © 2012 Deborah M. Hodgetts

(Please ask me for permission - before you use my words - thank you!)