Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fall Down


Copyright © 2015 Deborah M. Hodgetts

Busy old me!

Good evening to all my followers, friends and visitors of my wonderful blog!

I have been very busy of late, and sadly unable to hop back here quite as easily or frequently as I would like.

New events are providing me with a countless number of new and exciting adventures.

Each event bursting into view reveals a new, direction on this slowly but beautifully enriched map of my life.

News ……….

I am now a Parish Councillor in my local community, and hot on our agenda is a proposed development on an ancient monument site, which cannot happen – so we fight on to make sure this does not happen.

In addition to this I am also helping to put together the Chiltern Arts Festival, where I will be exhibiting and selling my Poetry /Art Cards along with helping to create an increased footfall to this annual event.

And there is more………..

Hurrah! My poetry collection is complete, and about to fly off to the publishers within this next week.

The Young Adult Novel is at completion, and will be winging it’s way to my prospective agent by the end of June.

I am also returning back to my art roots, to start creating and making some sculptures and working on some new designs for a new range of Poetry/Art greetings cards.

But most importantly I am loving words, enjoying my writing and diving deep into the essence and power of creativity in all things!

I’ll see you lovely people hear tomorrow.

I love you all,

Deborah H xxxx

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hanging my knickers out to dry!

It's me again, lighting up the world with words.

Funny title I hear you say....

I've suddenly acquired this fine lust for life, and I am now throwing off the grey clouds of sadness.

Feeling some, what at one with the world and on fire with life.

 I'm hanging my knickers out to dry on the washing line of happiness.

My thinking is that if they get chance to flap in the breeze a wee while, maybe I'll at least catch someone's eye.

And so what if my arse is bare, and beautiful at least I've stuck it out there!

Let me know though if the mere sight of my rump, ends up giving you the hump.

I'll catch you soon on the flappy.......whoops! 

                                                                      Happy side of life :-) x

Deborah xxx

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Life is blooming marvellous!

Hello to all my friends, followers and visitors of my lovely blog.

I am delighted to be back after so long................What was that? 
                                                   Where have I been hiding for these past few months?

Well, I'm going to be up front and honest, life has been chaotic but in a fun kinda way.

I am back now and I will be jumping on here most days ...... I know I've said that before, but I really will be I promise!

News update ............

My range of Poetry Cards are now on sale and will be featured in a large art exhibition taking place over the May Bank Holiday, in my local area. 
A collection of my poems is about to be published, so I'll let you all know when the book has been published and is on sale. I really hope that you'll all support me, by buying your copy of the book and the Poetry Cards.

Then on from that I'm busy producing Poetry films, or should I say turning some of my beautiful poems in to visual art.

I will be adding some of these here, and I will update you all and let you know of other places that these will be posted.

So all in all lots happening, and many more pots simmering on my stove of creativity.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow ............Yes! I did indeed say tomorrow.

And my lovely people I will be posting some new work too.

Have a brilliant day everyone!

 I'll love you and leave you all for today, and I cannot wait to see you here tomorrow..........

Much love

Deborah xxxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Only Home I know

Dusty doorways, hid from view.
Sheltering under starry skies.
Wrapped in thrown out blankets,
found in the trash.
Looking in dustbins, for scraps of food
This is far from the life I led.

Far from the opulent heady days
Those days when a warm bed
and being fed, were overrated and understated.

When mass media was my daily bread.

But here I am know destitute,past refute 
Rebutted and undone.
Nights of abuse, misused by lost youth
Frozen most nights, fearful thoughts

Longing for the great life I once led.
And I watch each passing stranger.
Hoping that one will be my saviour
Lifting me from daily danger.
Giving, me a chance to sleep
And return to the life I once led 
Happily sleeping in a nice warm bed.

Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Hodgetts 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Happy smiles to you all!

Dear Followers, Friends and visitors,

Just letting you know that I'm still here!

Wishing you all bucket loads of happiness, joy and abundance. 

Life is a magical journey, and sometimes you just have to take your seat and enjoy the ride!

I have now successfully found a lovely shop to stock my cards, and I'm working on more designs as we speak.

My web site will be springing up in March, and you will be able to purchase the cards direct from the site, along with my forth coming publications.

I promise that you will have new poetry here very soon.

Any way I must disappear again, and get back to writing new poems to share here!

Love, happiness and smiles to you all xx

Deborah H xx